White Laces is a band from Richmond, Virginia. They recently released their debut LP Moves via Speakertree Records following a 12" EP on Shdwply Records in 2011, as well as several limited edition vinyl and cassette releases. The band have spent the past several months touring, sharing the stage with such contemporaries as Wild Nothing, Eternal Summers, Frankie Rose and Dope Body among many others.

White Laces debut album Moves is a powerful Indie rock pop album that keeps listeners interested from start to finish. This band uses their instrumentals as the selling point to the already amazing vocals. This album keeps the audience's interest by going from very groove driven songs that could almost be mistaken for The Cure one moment to a slow nearly Beach House sounding song in instrumentation. Moves is full of songs waiting to be used in an Indie film, right when the guy is running for the girl he never knew liked him.

At the start of the year they released an epic live EP //////INTERZONE which contained four classic songs from Moves and a new song called "Deep Moves" which was ironically not on the album of a similar name. They now have gone back in to the studio to start on their second full length which they hope to be a huge progression from their last release.