Baltimore's Other Colors began as a recording and songwriting project of Will Ryerson in early 2010. According to Ryerson, "I was attempting to combine atmospheric lo-fi recording techniques with a newly simplified songwriting approach, and get the essence of a song or arrangement down onto tape as quickly as possible before it left my brain."

He wrote and recorded their first album by himself on an 4-track in a giant, old apartment in Charles Village during the winter of 2010, but didn’t end up finishing and releasing it until a year later. Most of it was recorded during a massive blizzard that shut down the city for almost three weeks, and perhaps influenced the walled-in sound of the finished tracks.

Their new album Free Thoughts is a more thoughtfully crafted and choreographed listening experience, while keeping some of the spontaneity and atmosphere of the first album. They recorded most of it with Dan Frome at the Copycat. As a result, it is less solitary-sounding, with spacey, introspective elements incorporated into a recognizable “rock band” feel. It also features contributions from friends David Jacober of Dope Body (drums) and Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak (backing vocals).

Pat Berberich, who also plays bass in the band, mixed the entire record over last summer. Dan Whatley, who played in an early incarnation of the band, moved back from the west coast recently to round out the lineup on guitar and keyboards.