My Son Bison is a group of jazz musicians who love writing pop songs. While awaiting a more accurate descriptor they’re content with the catchall Indie rock, though their debut eponymous EP clearly draws on genres as diverging as country, math rock, and even western classical at times. Nonetheless, the band remains steadfastly Indie in their ethic, from recording and mixing to handcrafting merchandise and booking tours.

Pianist Joel Sephy and guitarist Dane Galloway split singing and songwriting duties, which sometimes results in a tension that is a little weird but very natural. Dane and Joel, along with drum-whiz Kirk Kubicek, have played in each other’s bands in the D.C. area since they met in college in 2009. After combining forces and moving to Philadelphia a few years later, they hooked up with Nick Krolak, an active bassist on the Philly scene, who also spearheaded the mixing and mastering of the EP.

Each song on the EP is distinct, and even though it is cause for a bit of an identity crisis, My Son Bison is quite happy to keep hacking away at their sound, one that is as raw as it is refined and as catchy as it is unpredictable.