Mo is a very talented rapper that lives in Baltimore and is about to graduate from Maryland Institute College of Art. His band Leopard Opera went their separate ways more recently leaving Mo with a lot of new raps and no new material to pair them with. At this time he started on two exiting new projects: his in progress solo record and a project called SHOP. His solo record he's been working on will be titled Glasshouse. SHOP is a project with his good friend Christian Lorenzo, who was also from Leopard Opera. Glasshouse will be Mo's attempt to get comfortable rapping about things he could never say, as a way of progression or coping. He chose the title due to the transparent nature of his new raps where you will get to see through any walls he's built and really get to see the true him.

SHOP's The Shop Mixtape will be "natural, effortless, undeniable, rap music that critiques culture, questions rules, Empowers people, encourages individuality, and opens minds," Mo explains. This mix-tape is shaping up to be really amazing due to the musical connection between Christian and Mo. The Shop Mixtape will be the first of these two projects to release and should be out soon.