Michael York is the guitarist of the Baltimore post-hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth. They got a lot of attention for their beautifully tragic second full length album The Lack Long After which came out in November of 2011. Since then, they have been touring full time both nationally and internationally in support of the album. Pianos just released their new song, "Hiding," which came out as a split with Touché Amoré, a post-hardcore band from Burbank, California. This song was a big change for the band introducing their singer's softer vocal style unlike his past harsh style.

Michael is also a producer/mixer/mastering engineer and he works with many post-hardcore bands that are fans of his bands' work a long with many Baltimore Indie rock bands. "With every record I make, I like to challenge both myself and the musicians," York states. "I want to make something that both the band and I can be proud of, but also push the boundaries on what they may have expected from their band before." The recent projects that he has worked on in which he is most proud of include: Girlfight's Real Spite 7" on Mayfly records, Iselia's yet to be titled full length for 2013, and Whenskiesaregray's What Can Not Be Reversed 7".