Made up of four friends (Kenny Hamilton, Andrew Kieffer, Gene Stroman, Ian McQuary) from Richmond, Virginia, Little Smoke began as an outlet for songwriter Kenny Hamilton to perform his lo-fi solo material, Spacemonster, live. After playing together for a month or two, the band began to write and perform new collaborative material under the name Little Smoke. On Holidays EP was recorded and produced at home by bassist Ian McQuary (also of Aartichoke) during the Summer of 2012. Shortly after the release of On Holidays EP, drummer Gene Stroman moved to San Francisco, and guitarist Andrew Kieffer moved to Chicago.

Their EP got them a lot of attention for their fun music that makes listeners wish it was summer, just jumping in a pool with no cares. That vibe is given off by their music and their perfect fitting EP cover. The EP left lots of fans wanting more from Little Smoke and although they recently went on a hiatus, the band layed down an EP worth of new material that will see release in the near future. That will hopefully give the fans enough to hold on too till the band is back in one place long enough to make more music and start touring again.