Jacober is the solo project of Baltimore native, David Jacober. He is the drummer for Dope Body as well as the singer/drummer for Holy Ghost Party. On some tracks and tours he also drums with Dan Deacon. It's simple to say that Jacober is busy with a life full of music. Holy Ghost Party recently posted their new EP The Weather Channel online with a tape and vinyl release to follow. Dope Body just released a 7 inch titled Saturday containing two new songs as a follow up to their very successful album Natural History.

Jacober has also been working on a follow up to his solo debut, Water Karaoke, which came out on casette via Friends Records last March. His solo music is mainly based around his marimba playing, singing and drumming. It leaves listeners with very colorful, rhythmic and deeply melodic Baltimore pop music. Jacober's debut album goes from moments of tight drums and ostinato rhythms to free floating spans of loose, jangley, quirky pop all led by very The Unicorns-esque vocals. If you need some relaxing pop to listen to, Water Karaoke is not an album you want to miss. It's a great jam on long drives and has an uncanny spirituality to it that alleviates the need for conventional religious gatherings. Everysuccessful style and progression between songs on this album gets pushed even further into the future on the new album that Jacober has in the works. Listeners can expect the amazing new solo record by summer.