Where is your favorite place to tour?

I love touring through the south! I also loved the one time we toured the west coast, it was so insanely beautiful. We have toured the south a bunch and every time it is so great!

What do you do on your down time?

We do a lot of things, but most of our down time consists of either finding really cool places to go hiking and swimming, get really good local food or craft beer spots to check out.

You guys stopped playing together between your full length release and your new 7 inch. What happened?

We never actually stopped playing together. After our full length release tour, we took the summer to ourselves and didn't really see each other too much. We were really feeling burned out and like we needed space. Then we slowly got things rolling again, our writing and show playing was really slow for a long while. My brother, our drummer, moved to New England for a while then Sarah and I moved out to the country to farm for a season.

How was recording the new 7 inch different from recording your past records?

It was different because we didn't record it ourselves. Joe Reinhard from Headroom studio produced it. Kyle Pulley, our guitar player and co-owner of Headroom, helped with a lot of the logistical and technical things like tracking and editing, but having someone that wasn't in the band produce this record was so much better!

I heard you guys are preparing a new album. Are there some of the same songs between the 7 inch and the album or are they different songs from the same session? How did you pick which ones went on which?

We are preparing a brand new full length and it's still up in the air, but I think one song from the 7" will go on the full length. The decision making process was long and arduous. We originally tracked all the drums, bass and guitars for the full length then made the decision keeping in mind how much work still had to be done on each song and what we really wanted to put out! There was a lot of debate!

You released a single before the 7 inch as kind of your way of saying you were back. Will the song you released "Gave Up" be on the new album?

It will be!

What's your favorite album of all time and favorite album of 2012?

I don't know if I could pick a favorite album of all time. I really like Odyssey and Oracle and I really love Revolver. I think my favorite new record would have to be Black Moth Super Rainbow's record Cobra Juicy.

Where does your band name come from or how did you come up with it?

It's really silly. It comes from our old bass player almost getting his ponytail stuck in a car, like five years ago. We where looking for a band name and Dangerous Ponytail was thrown around and then Dangerous Ponies and it has since taken on a life of its own.

Your new EP cover is one of the strongest Dangerous Ponies album covers yet. Who designed it and what made you guys decide on it for Tenderheart?

Sarah Green, our keyboard player, designed it. She had designed almost all of our stuff and it has just gotten better and better. Calling the record Tender Heart was her idea and the concept for the album art followed. The scene she shot was actually set up in her room.