What's your favorite song on your new album?

"Rail." We spent the most time recording it and working on getting it right. I learned the most while working on that track.

What do you do on sunday mornings when you're not on tour?

Sleep in.

What's your favorite sound?

Sine Wave.

On your new record America you used a soundproof room to record all the drums. How was that experience?

It was great. It's my favorite room in the world, that I have access to.

You have been a "Baltimore'" musician for a long time. How does this title influence your work?

Well, up until I moved to Baltimore I was a student. I hadn't ever made work professionally before then. While I had a great time in college, it's a very different experience making work outside of academia. I think Baltimore really helped to shape the course of my work.

What is your favorite record of 2012?

Jazz Mind by Ed Schraders Music Beat.

What was your favorite record before Y2K?

"Lincoln" by They Might Be Giants.

You just started using the new social media application 'Vine' and, as far as I'm concerned, your Vines are the best I've seen so far! How are you enjoying Vine?

It's a new fun way to waste my life! Glad you like my Vines!

Who do people say you look like? People say to their friends, "You look like Dan Deacon," all the time.

They say I look like their friends. I think most people think that anyone with any two of the following: glasses, beard, or are fat, look like every other person with those things.

What are your dream bands to tour with?

Ed Schraders Music Beat or Future Islands.

What is your dream collaboration?

I've always wanted to write for a big accordion or harmonica ensemble.