Zaiah Burke is a very talented and very hard working rapper for Virginia. Zaiah recently released a project called The Zaiah Burke Story since then Zaiah has released two singles and started a new video project. Zaiah is working on a series of videos called The Yeaa Burke Series it's a ten episode series where he records a 16 to 32 bar verse over a popular track. The first video in the series came out November 17th with Zaiah rapping over an instrumental of D.O.A. by Jay-Z. Zaiah is also working on his new project titled 50 Shades of Rap. The title is to showcase the diversity in his music and he plans to release it March 1st. Besides all the music and videos Zaiah is working on he is also planning a benefit concert for kids with Diabetes. It will be called "The Zaiah Burke for Children with Diabetes Benefit Concert" The hope is for it to be in the first weekend in March.