So you guys are working on a new record where are you in the process?

We are very close to being finished. 2012 was busy year for us all personally. Lots of changes. With the little time we had together, we decided to focus on songwriting rather than rehearsing for shows. Playing less shows actually made for better shows.

Is there a defining difference in the song you are working on compared to your past record?

Yes, we actually wrote all these songs together at rehearsals rather than someone bringing a song sketch to the table, which is how most of Cave Painting was written. We've been recording nearly even practice. Then we listen back & develop the good ideas. It's a slower process but it is taking to a place we've never been before.

You guys recently released a 7 Inch Eyes are the two songs on it going to be on the new record or are they something different?

We've contemplated redoing those songs for the record. I don't think it's gonna happen. The Eyes 7 inch was kinda a sneak peak at the direction we are going now.

You guys have a very classic rock vibe what bands inspire you guys most?

Thanks. We love those sounds. Sri Aurobindo really strives to take them and combine them some new way. So many bands...we're all music nerds....hmm...Pink Floyd, County Joe & the fish, Red Crayola, Velvet Underground, Can, Faust, Neil Young, 13th Floor Elevators, P.I.L, Birthday Party, & Black Flag make for a nice list.

What about the baltimore music scene interests you guys so much to stick around here?

Baltimore has many little gems and Baltimoreans love music. That's what makes it hard to leave. It's got a different kind of soul than other cities: a rawness...for better or worse. It adds some chemistry for sure. It's a silly, clique-ey scene like anywhere else. The egos are plentiful. We just do what we do and have fun.

Favorite song out of the new material that you are most excited to record?

All of them! I don't have a favorite yet. This is album number 3 for us and might be the "truest" Sri Aurobindo album yet. We've figured out a thing or two since Cave Painting.

You guys recently played Scape Scape in baltimore and for your first song you had a fire juggler with you, what was that experience like? How did it come about?

Umm...interesting. Right before we went on, said fire juggler asked if she could do her thing while we played and we agreed. The results speak for themselves. Kinda ridiculous right? It was the Burning Man moment of Scape Scape. I was glad when people could finally get closer to the stage.

Do you have a favorite city to tour in?

Probably New York. It's all about the food baby!

What made you guys decide on your band name?

Oddly, it was the only name we could all agree upon after months of searching. Danny had been reading some of his work when he suggested it. It just seemed to make sense. Plus, it's very easy to pronounce (blunder) & remember (wrongly).

Any other details you can share on the new album as far as sound or recording?

We're going into the studio with Chris Freeland again hopefully sometime in January. It just gets better every time we work together. It will be a good way to start the new year.