SLIPPER, is a new project by Brendan Sullivan (Weekends, Dan Ivan, Soft Cat). It came about almost entirely by accident. One night of improvised, free form playing, recorded live straight to tape became the fist batch of SLIPPER songs but there were no plans to start a new project at all. The spontaneous recordings sessions continued to happen, usually after practice with Soft Cat or one of his several other bands had finished up, but it was only after listening back to the tapes after they had sat for weeks untouched that Sullivan thought there was something there worth expanding.

Sullivan describes the project as coming about through "a need to loosen things up and let the music happen without much self censorship" Described loosely as Mud based solo-style grunt "funk" (in the sad sense), free form, and under a self decided fictitious new genre "florida step". The first release titled SLIPPER-I is a collection of 3 separate nights of improvisation recorded straight to tape and later edited together. It will be available for free download online with a planned tape release on Sullivan's own moniker WooleyWooley.