Secret Mountains is a six-piece band from Baltimore, Maryland. Their sound is difficult to cull into a specific genre and that tends to be the way they like it. A fan once wrote "You've got that neo-gothic Portishead vibe going on, laced with clear and delicate vocals, but then again, you're so psychedelic. You've been reviewed by The New York Times but still remain totally obscure. You rock really hard but then you shoegaze away." After a handful of ep's over their past 3 years as a band they spent the better part of 2012 writing and tracking their debut full length record that promises to be a solid start to 2013. Guitarist Jeffrey Silverstein lent some words in regards to the upcoming release.

"This album came together the only way it knew how to. Not only as our first attempt at a full body of work, but as a snapshot of the past year of Secret Mountains. It would be impossible to say that we did not learn from making this record. It is the culmination of six people learning to live and work within and without boundaries. Discovering a sound we can honestly and proudly call all our own. We hope this record speaks differently to every person who listens. It means something very specific and unique to each member and can only hope that it translates. We are grateful to have written and recorded this record amongst the company of some of the most talented people we know. Baltimore has been kind to us in a way we may never be able to express."

Secret Mountains consists of Jeffrey Lewis Silverstein, Alex Jones, Kelly Laughlin, Christopher Muccioli, Cory Lawrence & Jake Winstanley. The record Rainer was released in February 2013 from Baltimore's Friends Records. More info on the release at