Liz Miele is a New York comedian known for her cat humor. But while she is a true cat lover, her jokes are a typical and of a much darker variety. She is a crazed social media user that uses it to push her cat worshiping agenda. Her cat, Pasta, is featured in her act, instagram and web series. She considers her one of the hardest working cats in Hollywood (but more realistically, Brooklyn). Liz is recording her first album December 2nd, 8pm at The Stand in New York City, titled, Please Seek Justice If Murdered. The title is taken from one of her favorite jokes which references both her fears of online dating and being a comic. The album will contain many fucked up cat jokes as her fans have grown to expect along with jokes about her growing paranoia, her inner conflict with her mental state, and her daily experiences being both a woman and a New Yorker. Liz describes her CD as a look at someone getting to know their own faults. To learn more about Liz, visit her site: