What is your writing process like?

Fuck man. My writing process is fucked. I'm the worst, man. I'm actually trying to, make myself become more prolific. I'm so afraid to write my thoughts down on paper. So, it's a lot of, like, I'll come up with an idea and write just the very minimum, just to say I've started a song and then it will take me weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks to complete it.

What do you think of Lil' B with six mix tapes a week?

You know Lil B is no Lenny Cohen. I'll just put it that way.

When will you and Amanda Blank a whole album together like (Kanye and Jay-Z's) Watch The Throne?

Dude, I can't fucking wait. I hope it happens, like, I want to do that so bad.

What is your alarm clock/ring tone?

Uh, my phone is as silent as a muthafucker. I don't set alarms. If I wake up late, I wake up late. Sorry, it just makes me miss a flight every once a while. I can't deal with it. It gives me too much anxiety. I have to turn the vibrate off, 'cause like every time I heard my phone buzz I was like, "Fuck." And like I don't deal. It's the quietest machine.

How do you feel about the current state of Hip Hop?

I don't know. Sometimes it's fun, you know? I think the current state of Hip Hop is kind of like the current state in a lot of music right now. It seems to be a lot of imitation. It seems very easy. You know? Like, concepts and ideas and trends just seem very obvious.

What was it like growing up in Baltimore?

I think I had a pretty unique experience. I grew up in West Baltimore, like North Avenue and Longwood street and over in Walbrook Junction sort of area. I went to a school called Gilman which is in Roland Park. It's a private school, all boy's school, you know? Having those two worlds like, kind of, collide is pretty interesting. I thought Baltimore was kind of like a, you know, a shithole... but it was pretty violent. Going to school I had to catch the bus to school every day, so walking down to the bus stop was, like, three blocks right there on North Avenue.

You were on Mark Ronson's album Business International. Would you ever consider having him produce a whole record for you?

Man, I fucking love Mark. I think he's an amazing producer. I think at some point, yeah, I would definitely want to, but I would want to develop my style more. I would want to develop my singing more. You know, become a stronger singer and then work with Mark. I am really enjoying creating my rap music the way that I do. I am usually more excited, being more experimental than very structured. Mark likes very tight structured songs, like, it's fucking Motown. Like working in that crew of kids for business international album was like, real deal shit.

Is it different working with producers for Spank Rock?

Zeb (Po Po) will email me a beat, and he says that he can't change it or do anything else. You know I'm like, "Can you make this happen?" He's like "No, that's it." I'm like, "No, Zeb for real, you know, can you like? yo' that's not even a hook. It's not even like a chorus line and you gotta flip it like this." And he's like, "I can't do it." And I'll say, "Alright." So, I?m just sitting and trying to like create song structure out of something that has no structure, that's exciting to me, you know? I would rather work like that right now.