Rapdragons is a rap duo based in Baltimore, Maryland consisting of Greglan Ward and Nick Often. Rap Dragons have released three mixtapes and a remix mixtape since 2009. All of the music Rapdragons have released is for free on their website. This is something that Rapdragons' are really passionate about. They really want to be able to give their listeners powerful and well made free content as much as possible. Most of Rapdragons' releases sample indie bands and their mixtape Featuring Baltimore features Baltimore indie bands turning songs locals know into heavy rap songs.

Continuing off the idea that is the basis of Rapdragons, Greg and Nick have started a new project in which they release a new free song that showcases their flow every friday, every other month. They call this project Cause It's Friday. For example, the March 9th release was "Angels." This song has Rapdragons rhyming over an edited beat originally produced by Clams Casino and used for the ASAP Rocky song "Demons." On "Angels," the lyrics explore losing the ones you love and the importance of maintaining your relationships with those closest to you. On March 16th, they released the song "Castles." "Castles" is a Rapdragons flip of "Castle Walls," a T.I. song originally produced by Alex da Kid. "Castles" is about the trials and the triumphs of rapping in 2012, keeping your head up even in trying times, and smoking one more before you roll.