Even before their recent fame, FUN. has been an amazing live show. Since their first performance as a band back in 2008, there have been a few live members that have stuck around. FUN. consists of Nate Ruess (vocals), Andrew Dost (keyboards), and Jack Antonoff (guitar). The trio makes up FUN. but, to play live shows, they need more people to fill up their sound. Although each backing member joined them on tours at different times, all of them have been together since before the Some Nights release.

Their live set up for this album is particularly interests me. They have two MPC's, which many people may recognize as the box shaped sampler that Kanye West used solo to perform "Runaway" at the VMA's in 2010. The two MPC's are on each side of the drum set in addition to a drum machine for the drummer to hit off while drumming. This is how they use their samples and more digital sounds that they created in the studio. They make a performance out of it by switching off who uses them throughout the band, but mostly Antonoff and bassist Nate Harold take control. FUN. came out and started playing their title track "Some Nights" and played through their songs from both albums. They brought a lot of energy and encouraged sing alongs. After about eight songs, the touring members of the band left the stage leaving just Nate, Jack and Andrew. The Trio had some hilarious stage banter and then went into a improv cover of "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera that Nate sang about Andrew. From there, they went into acoustic versions of their songs "The Gambler" and "Be Calm." After that, the rest of the band came out for a few more new songs, playing all but two off their new album. The performance was energetic, powerful, silly and kept the audience captivated throughout the entire set.

The show was energetic, powerful, silly and kept the audience captivated throughout the entire set.

FUN.'s brand new album Some Nights is an amazingly constructed album that brings influences in from Kanye West and his hip-hop/R&B counterparts and mixes that seamlessly with their previous sound. Their new album brings back some classic style melodies known best in singer Nate Ruess's former band The Format while keeping their love for theatrics. This album takes you on an adventure as Nate tells his tales of living his life now in New York. Nate always writes first and foremost about what he knows and this album is no different. Every song on the record is an emotional, chant-worthy song that makes you yell the lyrics at the top of your lungs. The album was produced by Jeff Baskher who's known best for his productions with Kanye West, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. This production history comes through strong on this album and that's just what they wanted. Dost described the process of working with Baskher as "A surreal experience." Andrew and the rest of FUN. always admired Hip Hop production from afar, but never imagined being a part of it. This album is them venturing into the world of classic Queen melodies and classic hip hop production. This beautiful record Some Nights is out now internationally.