After their bassist left, they had to decide whether to continue as In Every Room or start all over again...

Chase and Amy decided that they would start with something completely new, which can be harder then it sounds. Chase is the also the main member of Winks. Both Winks and In Every Room are on Baltimore's "Friends Records."

Why did in every room break up?

Honestly, it just seemed like a natural progression of events. We had been a band since high school and had already changed so much. We lost one of our members this past summer and our sound had changed a lot. It feels like a fresh start and it gave us chance to reflect on what we wanted our new music to sound like.

How would you describe your new sound?

Cosmic Romance

What are your biggest influences on the new music?

Vangelis, Prince, healing and easy listening, space, funk, internet culture.

What do you intend to do, release wise, in the future?

Record very soon, mid march, try and release as much of it as we can for free and find a label that fits our sound, really well.