The Lion's Mansion is a music-based magazine as well as photo book highlighting up-and-coming as well as established bands. The photos shot specifically for the magazine are art pieces as well as promotional materials for the the bands.


The magazine is a photo focused music magazine; all of the photos in the magazine are full bleed and there are no white pages. By doing this all of the text takes a backseat to the photographs. Although the images are the most important thing the hope is when you get to the text it is informative and helps you find about the music that goes with the photos.


The Lion's Mansion started as a blog back in 2009 between friends Micah E. Wood and Gabe Kelley. In the middle of 2010 Gabe moved on to other things. Since then Micah E. Wood continued blogging for it and in Spring 2012 he started the magazine form of it. Since then Micah has independently made an issue a semester. The Magazines layout is structured around Hannah Mack's design. In Spring 2013 Jackson Lynch joined "The Lion's Mansion" team as our Web Designer.


The bands picked for the magazine were based on the high quality of their music. Most of the bands were formed or have often come through Baltimore. Baltimore has an amazing music scene that we here are interested in exploring and documenting.


The Lion's Mansion is printed through HP's Magcloud. The magazines are 50-70 pages, 8.25" x 10.75".


Cassie Bryan, Jackson Lynch, Hannah Mack, Ronin Wood, Gabe Kelley, Eileen Wood, Stephen Wood, Sarah Peeler Adams and all of my friends and family!


This website was hand coded by Jackson Lynch and written with HTML and CSS. It is using Awkward Showcase, Backstretch, and Supersized, to view the images, and SimpleCart to run the shop. The fonts are Neuton, Open Sans, and Playfair from Google Web Fonts.

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